After winning the supply of 6 air-conditioned trains to Egypt. Rotem is a Korean company seeking entrepreneurship.

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The National spending authority announced the victory of the Korean company Hyundai Rubra for the tender offered by the authority to purchase six new air-conditioned trains for the second line of Metro “Shubra al-Khaimah-al-Moneib” at a cost of up to 2.42 billion pounds.

Hyundai Precison Industry was founded in 1977, and in 1999 was reopened under a new name, its current name Hyundai Rotem Company as a result of a major government deal that merged the work of the railroad vehicles of Hyundai Precision industry and Hanjin Heavy Industries and construction, and Daewoo For heavy industries and machinery, to enhance the country’s competitiveness in the global rail market.

In 2001, Hyundai Rotam was merged into the Hyundai Motor Group and became one of the world’s top rail system providers in a short period of time based on international technology and quality, according to the company’s official website.

On 30 October 2013, Hyundai Rotem was incorporated into the Korean stock market, and the company’s railway division plans to contribute to the development of the country’s railway industry based on its experience in the local market, while continuing to expand its presence to emerging foreign markets to become a mark Global trade.

On the other hand, the Defence Division intends to achieve sustained growth by developing “unmanned weapons” systems in the future, such as unmanned armoured combat vehicles, small field robots and the future expansion of the space weapon system, as the factories department is determined to make a leap in the company A global leader in heavy industry leading the global market by expanding the company’s customer base and manufacturing EPC-based works.

Hyundai Rodone is the only tank maker in Korea, operating as a defense systems company also through the development and production of various tanks, including K1, the country’s first major combat tank, and K1A1 the main battle tank of the Korean army, and our business stretched to the machinery factory to build the infrastructure of the industry Steel, automobile and power generation.

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