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“Thank you, you have enabled me to see the sun for the first time since 1987” (I personally see this one a better quote)


“Thank you, you have enabled me to see the sun for the first time since 30 years”

Eman the largest woman in the planet

“Special thanks to Horus for letting us have the best shipment experience ever, as well as helping us discover more about the Egyptian tourist sites, so much hospitality”


“thank you, Horus, for the kind hosting and for handling our precious motorcycles and looking forward to work with this esteemed company in the near future”


“Best shipment experience and adventure we have encountered, lovely staff and amazing country”

BMW motorcycle people

“Thanks to Horus for the amazing handling of our stage productions”

Despacito party in Egypt

“Horus a well-established all Egyptian company has handled all of the Egyptian federation sports equipment to Russia for the world most famous athletic sports event the World Cup and we are proud of them”

Egyptian Football Federation

“Horus is a well-known company and has been a leading company in cargo handling since 2002, so we are proudly giving them the WCA certificate for keeping up the continuous amazing work”

Charles Goli WCA general manager of Africa

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